The number one question I get from everyone I tell about this trip is:

“Do you know the route you’re taking?”

Umm nope… well yes I do sort of. You see if I planned this meticulously I’d probably never leave the country so the only thing I’m sure of is the rough number and order of countries that I want to do.

“How did you choose?”

It was a completely arbitrary choice but there were a few countries I want to go to along the way. Rather bore you with words so I’ll show you the first leg of the tour:


As you can see I’m going to be taking a roundabout route to get to Italy where I’ll be staying with my friend George Lidgely and volunteering for him. I’ll help him run the Wild Tuscany Retreats. I’ve been going to Tuscany for almost every year that I’ve lived in London for the Capoeira Camp. It one of the most peaceful and idyllic locations in Europe and whenever I spend time there I feel energised and refreshed so it’s only fitting that the Western European part of the tour ends there.


I ended up taking a totally different route along the Rhine and through Austria/Switzerland instead of the Czech Republic!

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