Here is a quick rundown of all the things I can do from the most basic to some more complex stuff:

Cooking and Hospitality – Asian dishes are my forte but I’m pretty adaptable and can cook vegetarian and meat dishes, I have some experience cooking for large numbers around 10-20 people at a time. I was a student and, like most self-respecting students who earned their own cash at university, I waited tables and tended bars, skills that are always useful and in perennial demand.

Cleaning – As this will likely form part of most of my ‘Work Away’ assignments I think I’m a master of ‘Karma Yoga’.

DIY – I’m not a plumber or a carpenter but I learn quickly and I’m pretty handy with a saw, a chisel and a hammer. My grandad taught me to use a chainsaw safely and I’ll be learning some new house building and home decorating skills from my good friend George Lidgely out in his eco-retreat Tuscany.

Gardening – I can use a spade, a fork and wheelbarrow so put me use in your garden – I’m also very good at climbing trees in case that helps, and I once built a patio for my uncle.

Capoeira – I have been teaching capoeira for beginners for over four years can teach workshops on movement and fitness, handstands and inversions and so. So if you want to learn the essence of capoeira I can give you a beginner workshop in the fundamentals for a weekend, week or a month, one on one or for a whole group.

Photography – I’m an accomplished photographer though I haven’t been doing it professionally for a while I’ve been engaged as the photographer for the Palestinian Literary Festival twice and have photographed many events, gig, festivals, theatre productions, people and foreign lands. I no longer have an organised portfolio online but you can see some of my handiwork here

Web Design and User Experience (UX) – So what does that mean, well I can set you up on a WordPress site just like this one. I can customise a theme or if you have the time and money and I can build one from scratch for you. Need some lite e-commerce – I can advise the best plugins to help you sell your wares and also using my UX background I can help you research your userbase and design journeys that will improve yours sales. It was my job and I happen to think I’m pretty good at it but more about that elsewhere. I listed this last because it the thing I least want to do while travelling.

Other skills: Sketching, Project Planning, Writing, Parquetry, Public Speaking, Photoshop, Lite Video Editing, General geek stuff on computers (ask and ye shall glaze over). I’ll add to this list when I can remember all the things I can do and whenever I learn new tricks.