This expedition has never been about getting sponsored or generating PR buzz, though I will say if anyone does wish to sponsor me by all means use the form below to get in touch with an idea of what I can do for you in return and if it fits then I will happily take any money, gadgets or exposure you would be willing to offer.

In return for sponsorship I can offer the following:

If you sponsor me with equipment I will thoroughly review your kit on this website, post a review on a site where you sell your kit e.g. Amazon or you’re own website and, if I like said equipment, I’d be all to happy to recommend others to buy.

If you sponsor me with money or other type of financial support e.g. you pay for expenses in order to promote your brand I will mention your brand name in blog posts as a sponsor and include links on a special attribution page. In addition to this any video material I post will mention any key sponsors in the title credits and end credits.

If you wish to conduct some sort of PR stunt or you’re a private individual looking to buy my time to do something unique just for you… for example record a video message from the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan or send a birthday greeting for someone or just dance like a monkey for the camera on a Periscope broadcast – I’m not averse such shenanigans.

Just use the form below to get in touch!

The expedition has been entirely self-funded from the start but I do need help and support so if you want to get involved there are a number of things you can do:

  1. Share this site and my story with anyone you think might be interested
  2. Message me with questions and notes of support or just funny messages either in the comments on my posts which I’ll do my best to reply to. You can get me on Facebook page here or Twitter here
  3. Offer me a place to stay or camp on the way and I’ll regale you with my tales, cook you a meal or do something you might need doing around your house
  4. Support Bidna Capoeira a charity dedicated to helping refugees through teaching Capoeira and that brings communities together – Donate here. I have a modest goal of £1000 help me to smash that.
  5. Tell me things I should do, see and experience or better yet be my guide and show me when I arrive some place near you
  6. Buy something on my Amazon wishlist that I need
  7. Buy me some spa vouchers that I can send my poor mother so she can have a nice relaxing day without worrying about where I am and what I’m up to on my bike!
  8. Be inspired to do something like this, then do it and tell me all about it!

If you like what I write, pictures I post or in anyway want to help drop me a line and we can work something out. I’m always willing to work for my keep and my keepers so if you have a suggestion for something you need help with or want to know what I can do for you I’ve listed my skills here.